No Hate Speech

What is hate speech?

“Hate speech” is an overarching term for a manner of expressing opinions that denigrate, insult or threaten individuals or groups of people or that incite violence against these individuals or groups.

Hate speech can come in different forms and reach people in different ways (social media, e-mail, phone calls, online comments, etc.). Digitalization, in particular, has caused the phenomenon of hate speech to become a more widespread problem and lowered peoples’ inhibitions for inciting hostility. The more public exposure a researcher has, the more they are impacted by hate speech and subjected to correspondingly venomous reactions.

The University of Bern offers points of contact for individuals affected by abusive language and discrimination.

Modul „Hate Speech“

The University of Bern offers two-hour online learning units with its study program "Competencies for the (digital) future". Students who complete the module receive short inputs from relevant experts and deal with the respective topic in the context of quizzes, practical exercises and in-depth assignments.

Explainer videos (german)

Learn more about the definition, the legal situation in Switzerland and possible counter strategies to Hate Speech: