No Hate Speech

You’ve been targeted – what should you do?

If you are personally affected, then you can contact the contact point at the University of Bern or make use of the free emergency assistance in the event of attacks. The University of Bern is also interested in receiving reports of incidents in order to better understand the phenomenon and take targeted measures: Here you can report low-threshold incidents also online.

Basically, the following should be observed when dealing with Hate Speech:

  • Hate has no place in public debates. Dare to react to inappropriate statements.  
  • However, it is not about changing the mind of the troll/hater, but about using arguments to make silent readers think.
  • Never respond with hate or insults.  
  • Keep in mind that it is not always worthwhile to respond

The university management calls on all employees and students to make their contribution to a trusting and respectful interaction on the net. Even as an observer of hate speech, you can do something. Offer your support to the person concerned, encourage them to actively defend themselves or contact the contact point of the University of Bern.